Articles by Mary Holm

Mary Holm is the author of seven books on personal finance, including the best selling Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi. She is a Qantas Media Award-winning columnist known for her personal finance column in the Weekend Herald and regular appearances on National Radio and is a director of Financial Services Complaints Limited and a former director of the Financial Markets Authority. In 2020, Mary was appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for services to financial literacy education.

When it's better not to work hard

Often in life, past success is a good guide to future success. The winner of the last race is a pretty good bet to do well in this race. Your favourite band or movie director or author is likely to please you with their next offering. Not so in investing. The type of investment that did really well last year has a pretty good chance of performing poorly this year.

Rules of thumb on retirement spending

Mary presents some rules of thumb on retirement spending, answering the question: How much are you likely to want for regular spending in retirement? (Source: Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi.) 

Vive la différence: how men and women invest

In this extract, Mary looks at the role gender plays in investment decision making. (Source: Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi.)

The emergency fund

Setting up an emergency fund so you have money to fall back on if something unexpected crops up. (Source: Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi.)

The psychology of spending

How to avoid the credit card debt trap. (Source: Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi.)

Extracts from Rich Enough? A Laid-Back Guide for Every Kiwi republished with permission.


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