Latest news Buying back your super after parental leave

You’re eligible for employer contributions while on parental leave and some other kinds of leave without pay. You just need to pay the member contributions you’ve missed. For most members, Police contributes around $1.35 (after tax) for every dollar you make up, so it’s well worth making up your contributions if you can. 

There are three ways to make up your member contributions. Most members choose to make catch-up contributions when they return to work. In an important change from past practice, and following feedback from a member, Police have amended MyPolice so that they can make employer contributions as you make these payments. Previously the employer contributions were made only once a member had repaid all their own payments. If you choose to make catch-up contributions, you need to:

  • begin making catch-up contributions within 1 year of returning to work
  • complete payments within 2 years of returning to work.

There are two other options. You can arrange for your member contributions to continue while you’re on leave. Police will pay employer contributions on these payments when you return to work. Alternatively, you can arrange to make up contributions from the ex-gratia payment(s) you’re entitled to on returning from parental leave (but you must organise this with Payroll before the ex-gratia payment is made). Police will pay employer contributions when the member contributions are paid to the scheme. Read more about leave without pay.