Constabulary & recruits

Membership is compulsory for recruits and constabulary employees. You will be required to join the scheme as a recruit when you enter Police College. You will become a standard constabulary entrant automatically on graduating.

Minimum contributions

Membership category

Minimum contribution rate (as a % of salary*)

Employer (before tax**)

Recruit/standard constabulary entrant



*Under the current Police Employees’ and Constabulary Collective Employment Agreements, salary includes the competency service increment (CSI) paid as a lump sum if you are at the top of your pay band as well as certain allowances specified in your employment agreement. It excludes bonuses, commissions, fees or other like payment and allowances not specifically regarded as superable.

**Employer superannuation contribution tax is deducted from employer contributions before they are credited to your employer's account. See fees and tax for details.

Contact your Payroll Officer if you have a question about contributions.

Voluntary contributions

You can make additional voluntary contributions of between 1% and 10% of your salary as regular deductions from your pay by completing the voluntary contributions form and returning it to Payroll.

PSS and KiwiSaver

If you wish, you can be a member of a KiwiSaver scheme as well as the PSS and get some of the benefits of KiwiSaver. For example, the government will contribute around $10 a week if you contribute $20 a week or more. See KiwiSaver options for PSS members.

A note for former Traffic Officers

Different membership categories and contribution rates apply if you:

  • are a former Traffic Officer who transferred to Police on 1 July 1992
  • have not left service since that date
  • are a contributing member to the Government Superannuation Fund (GSF) or the National Provident Fund (NPF).

In this case, you can join the scheme as a special entrant. The minimum member contribution rate is 1% of salary. Contact your Payroll Officer for details of the employer contribution.