The Police Superannuation Scheme (PSS) was established in 1992. It aims to give everyone who works for Police the opportunity to protect their financial future and provide for life after Police.

The scheme is governed by a trust deed and funds are invested in accordance with the scheme’s Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO). These documents are available under Documents and forms and from the scheme register on the New Zealand Companies Office Disclose website.

The trust deed sets out the rules for the scheme. The Commissioner of Police (Commissioner) and the New Zealand Police Association Incorporated and the New Zealand Police Leaders’ Guild Incorporated (Police Service Organisations) have appointed a single corporate trustee, PSS Trustees Limited, to manage the scheme. On this website, 'we', 'us' or 'trustee' refers to the scheme's trustee.

The directors of the trustee are appointed as follows:

  • Two directors are appointed by the Commissioner.
  • Two directors are appointed by the Police Service Organisations.
  • Either one or two independent directors are appointed by the other directors.

The Board of Directors of the sole corporate trustee must include at least one person who is a licensed independent trustee under section 131 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013. The Board of Directors includes three licensed independent trustees (Charlie Cahn, Sarah Graydon and Ian Russon). Currently, the licensed independent trustee designated for the scheme is Ian Russon.

We are responsible for offering membership of the scheme, accepting members into the scheme, managing the scheme’s property and investments and administering the scheme.

We use the services of professional advisers such as investment advisors, an administration manager and an auditor to help run the scheme. The names of our advisers are listed here.